Our Vision

“A community where every person’s life has inherent dignity and value”.


Our Mission

“We will promote, mentor and advocate for the well-being and interests of vulnerable people with disabilities. We support our communities by establishing a range of advocacy programs that facilitates increased participation.”

Photo of an advocate and a participant

Committee of Management

Photo of Scott Ganino
Scott Ganino, President
Scott works as a director at Monash University. He holds qualifications in both business and finance and joined the NECA Committee of Management in 2019, where he hopes to use his skills and qualifications for the betterment of the NECA program
Photo of Yuwei Liu
Yuwei Liu, Treasurer
Yuwei is a qualified chartered accountant and currently working as a financial accountant in the retail sector, and joined NECA committee in July 2018. She had four years working experience in business advisory and involved in preparing accounts for the non-profit organisations. She is committed to contributing with her knowledge and act in the best interest of NECA.
Photo of Kate Krombach
Kate Krombach, Secretary
Kate has been strongly involved with NECA for over 25 years and previously performed the role of NECA Program Manager from 2004 through to 2013. Kate has also held the role of President on the North East Citizen Advocacy Committee of Management and is also a much valued Advocate with the relationship lasting over 20 years.
Photo of Alisha Bingham
Alisha Bingham Ordinary Member
Alisha has extensive knowledge and experience in community work and disability. Alisha has a long association with NECA and the local community, having worked at NECA as an advocate as well as facilitating the citizen advocacy program.
Photo of Jacky Lipson
Jacky Lipson Ordinary Member
Jacky (she/her) has been a physiotherapist for over 10 years, currently working as a research assistant and project officer across multiple projects aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of young people with disabilities. She is driven by the desire for a more inclusive world, where all people with disabilities have equal opportunities and rights as their non-disabled peers and is excited to become a Committee member and contribute to the NECA community.

Our Staff

Our staff are as follows:
  • Frank Damiano, Program Manager
  • Ingrid Camille, Citizen Advocacy Program Facilitator
  • Agnes Koulomendas, Individual Advocate
  • Joanne D’Abaco, Accounts