What is Systemic Advocacy?

People with disabilities often face barriers and attitudes that impede their ability to participate in society resulting in limited life opportunities.. An important part of systemic advocacy work that we do is to raise awareness of issues faced by people with intellectual disabilities.

Systemic Advocacy seeks to:
  • Influence positive systemic changes in legislation, policy and service practice to ensure the rights of people with disability are upheld and to positively affect the quality of their lives
  • Aims to promote inclusive communities and awareness of disability issues

To deliver Systemic Advocacy NECA:
  • Works with people with disability and their family/carers.
  • Works in partnership with other organisations.
  • Is within NECA’s area of advocacy.
Photo of an Advocate presenting to a formal hearing

Disability Royal Commission

NECA was funded to provide free support to people wishing to engage with the Disability Royal Commission. We extend our gratitude to those who courageously shared their stories, experiences, and recommendations for change with us. We acknowledge the immense difficulty in revisiting painful past events and genuinely appreciate their efforts. The Disability Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of people with Disabilities concluded on 23 September 2023 with the publication of the Commissioners’ final report. A copy of the final report and recommendations can be found here
Logo of the Disability Royal Commission